Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I Miss You, Sister

We never been so close all this while. We never had cool chats together when we grown up. I never appreciate your presence and I never seen you as my big sister that i can rely on. I always had that uneasy feelings when we met. I never respected you as you deserve it most. I took for granted of all about you and i never care of your hardship unsettled and the struggling that u had to face for life.
It is almost 9 months since you left us. Your little adorable baby boy never fail to make us see and feel your presence in our days, everyday. The last day to see you on that white bed and to watch you struggling (again) for life shed my tears, continuously. On the very last moment which i had to let you go, i just want you to know that I Love You, Sister. I kiss your cold forehead. I see you go, slowly. I'm shivered and shattered like a broken glass. Unable to stand. And the world seemed so dark and dissapeared. Parents hugged me up and hold me tight. They recited the Alfatihah to me and just said, "wake up. it's her time coming. and Allah know best."
The doctor unplugged those cable and she was not with us anymore. Mom just cant accept to face another lost after 16 years. And when abah saw us cried and hugged each other he just told us, "enough of crying.be tough.you lost your brother and sister, I lost my two children.and i just only have three of you now."
My late brother, Muhammad Syukri bin Matori left us, unmarried. His photos and all those memories keep us together. Muhammad Faiz. The baby of our late sister is the heart of ours and we can't ask for more as all of these happened for reasons. Allah never test His servants for things that they are not capable to carry them off. Allah Maha Adil dan Allah Maha Penyayang. 
AlFatihah for Almarhum Muhammad Syukri bin Matori and Almarhumah Siti Maryam binti Matori. I Miss you both.

Tribute to Amin Idris' sister. I can feel you bro Amin.



Al-Fatihah. Aku tau kau adik yang baik & penyayang insha Allah. Yang dah pergi tetap pergi, now show your love to those who are still here. No more regrets insha Allah.

FairuzMatori said...

thanks sue. semoga rahmat Allah terus tak putus dgn kita.