Friday, July 16, 2010

something nice to be remembered..

For most of the time...There must be a special song that every time when it plays, it might remind me of could be anything...the thing that makes me smile...the thing that may remind me to the good old days...the things that may put me in a deep sorrow...or maybe the thing that may keep reminding me to the person that has been there in my life; my frens, my family, my love ones (maybe) and maybe my "big fan, sweet" enemy (ade ke?maybe...~)...

Dulu, masa sy first tym masuk wad sbb denggi...ade satu lagu yg akan mengingatkan sy pd suasana dok wad tuh..."californiacation - red hot chilli pepper"...even the smells, rase sakit jarum dok ccuk masuk lengan sy tiap ari, kelambu tebal dn panas, the people around me, my momma yg tdoq teman sy mlm2, mknn2 yg mak bekalkan utk sy, air 100+ dan chachos yg abah blikan utk sy...uuuh,sume2 akn masuk bile dgr lagu tuh...haaa...~satu lagu, byk cerita kan... ;)

Lagu ni plak...ade sesuatu yg menarik dan sgt2 suwit utk dikenangi....Tiap kali dgr lagu nih, kmpem rse ati bunge2...haaa...~tah la...mgkin lagu ni keluar dan diminati tym ati tgh bunge2 kot...lalalala~dan sy akui, lirik lagu nih byk ade kaitan dlm kehidupan sy...Dangerous and sweet: it always have something nice and sweet to remember..always...~~ "walaupun ada yg xkesampaian, but i do love to feel those kind of feelings everytime i listen to this song.." heee...~ enjoy la sy letakkan skali liriknye...

Dangerous& Sweet - Lenka

It's difficult to see from the surface.
But everything goes in and it stings,
like a spider
Hits you deep inside and

I know that you are just like me, oversensitive.
We're and ordinary breed
Taking everything for much more than it means.
Well it's dangerous, and it's sweet.
Cut us and we bleed.

All these words that we speak casually.
Well maybe im just weak, but it hurts me.
Everything you said x3
Well it cuts, like a knife
it hurts me deep inside and


I should put on my armor the next time I see you
So I won't be harmed. I know I can shoot my own arrows.
Im sorry I hurt you.
I know that like me you can be oversensitive.

Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Ba da Ba Ba Ba
Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba Ba
Ba da Ba Ba Ba


Yeah its dangerous and sweet.
Don't you know its dangerous and it's sweet?
Cut us and we bleed.

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